Best Door Locks: Will Yours Keep Burglars Out?


For most of us, security is a top priority when selecting door locks for our homes, followed by cost, style and finish. Choosing the best door locks for your doors depends on whether a door is interior or exterior, because each type of door requires completely different locking mechanisms. For example, it would not make sense to install a deadbolt on a bathroom door or a push-button privacy lockset on a front entry door. But before we get into that, let’s learn more about door locks in general and which ones are the most durable.

Door lock reviews

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Product name Kwikset Double Cylinder Deadbolt Kwikset featuring SmartKey Juno Knob and Double Cylinder Deadbolt Kwikset 914 SmartCode Deadbolt with SmartKey and Z-Wave Prime-Line Security ENTRY E-2293 Mortise Lockset Kwikset Kevo 925 Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt Prime-Line Products U 10385 Door Strike
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ANSI rating Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 None N/A

ANSI grading system for locks & deadbolts


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) established three grades for door locks to help identify the quality and durability of locksets and deadbolts. Each product must pass operational and security tests, including cycles, door strikes and weight test. One cycle consists of the knob or handle turning completely to retract the latch bolt and open the door, then it is released, allowing the door to re-latch. ANSI Grade 1 is the best choice for exterior residential door locks.

Grade 1 – Best

Highest grade security available. Meets commercial building requirements and is available for residential uses via deadbolts. There are not standard knobs, handlesets or mortise lockset that will meet ANSI Grade 1 certifications, only commercial lever handles.

  • Knobs must withstand 800,000 cycles, 6 door strikes and a 360 pound weight test
  • Deadbolts must withstand 250,000 cycles and 10 door strikes (hammer test)

Grade 2 – Better

Meets light commercial building requirements; exceeds standard residential security and building requirements.

  • Knobs must withstand 400,000 cycles, 4 door strikes and a 250 pound weight test
  • Deadbolts must withstand 150,000 cycles and 5 door strikes (hammer test)

Grade 3 – Good

Meets residential building requirements only and provides minimal residential security.

  • Knobs must withstand 200,000 cycles, 2 door strikes and a 150 pound weight test
  • Deadbolts must withstand 100,000 cycles and 2 door strikes (hammer test)

Deadbolt locks: What is a deadbolt?

Deadbolt locks provide the most security on residential doors. The term dead is used, because these locks do not contain springs. A single-cylinder deadbolt is operated with a key from the outside and with a turn button on the inside, and a double-cylinder is operated with a key on both the inside and outside. Double-cylinder deadbolts can pose a danger during an emergency if the key is missing or not readily available.

New Lock Technologies

Digital devices constantly overtake their analog counterparts, and now that includes the locks on our homes. Smart locks with Bluetooth-enabled deadbolts and fingerprint scanners soon are already on the market. Additionally, a company called Goji created a smart lock with a built-in camera that takes a picture of anyone activating the lock and sends a real-time picture alert to your mobile phone, providing you with visual confirmation of who is accessing your home. Goji completed its funding goal on the crowd funding website Indiegogo on August 3, 2013, which will help manufacture the lock. However, as of September 2015 the locks have yet to be on the market. You can reserve a Goji Smart Lock for less than the retail price of $349.99. The following state-of-the-art door locks are engineered for maximum security and technology performance.

Kwikset Kevo 925 Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt – No ANSI Grade Yet


The Kwikset Kevo uses your iPhone and select Android devices as your key and includes a fob for touch-to open option without a smartphone. The mobile app sends notifications of lock activities and enables you to manage the lock. You can even share eKeys with family and friends as needed. The SmartKey deadbolt cylinder provides a backup with a traditional key and offers security against lock picking and bumping.

iTouchless Stainless Steel Bio-Matic Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock Review – ANSI Grade 1


Never worry about using a key again with this lock that uses fingerprint recognition technology. This deadbolt model uses the latest biometric entrance technology and can replace most deadbolt locks without drilling an extra hole. It provides access to 150 fingerprint users and 78 passcode code users and includes 2 backup keys. It can be configured for either left swing or right swing doors.

August Smart Lock Review – No ANSI Grade


This device uses your smartphone to unlock your door for you. You can still unlock it the old-fashioned way, but with this device you are able to allow guests in and out of your house without a key. All you do is send them an invite and choose a length of time they are allowed to enter your home. Whether it be the plumber, friends staying from out-of-town or family you can allow them in your home without you changing up your schedule for when they arrive.

Best door locks recap

  • Kwikset Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock
  • Baldwin Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock
  • Kwikset featuring SmartKey Juno Knob and Double Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Kwikset featuring SmartKey Tavaris Single Cylinder Handle set
  • Kwikset 9140 SmartCode Deadbolt with SmartKey and Z-Wave
  • Yale YRL-220-ZQ-605 Digital Lock
  • Schlage BE469NXCAM619 Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt
  • Prime-Line ENTRY E-2293 Mortise Lockset
  • Wright Products VMT115PB Accents Serenade Mortise Lockset
  • Kwikset Kevo 925 Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt
  • iTouchless Stainless Steel Bio-Matic Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock
  • August Smart Lock

Common home security tips for your door

The quality of a door lock does not matter if it is not locked. Sometimes people forget to lock a deadbolt when leaving, but it is also important to remember to lock your doors when you’re at home. Most intruders prefer to enter a home through unlocked entry points. Additionally, doors and their hardware occasionally need maintenance, because a poorly maintained door makes it easier for a burglar to enter your house. What door lock are you using? Give us a call today to have one of our professional locksmiths install new locks to make your home safe.



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